What does the Future Hold?


will i be right?

Welcome Readers!

Nobody knows what the future holds.  

Anyone who tells you they do is lying to you.  

I am not a psychic but I will make a few bold predictions on this page.   

  All predictions are date stamped - so I can be held to account whether right or wrong.  

I am not afraid to be wrong, or partially right.  

Stay tuned! 

a once rogue cia is exposed and then dismantled.

April 21, 2020

In a couple of years from now a rogue CIA will be fully exposed and then dismantled.  Before JFK died, he stated he would smash the CIA to pieces, and Trump will soon fulfill JFK's vision.  George Soros and the NWO work hand in hand with the CIA.  All work for the United Nations.  Clandestine operations around the world have been organized by the CIA to usher in, and enact, this agenda.  This has not been in America's best interests.  

It all starts with the Russian Dossier - which was used to try to take down a sitting President.  The CIA forced the FBI to use the dossier.  It's going to turn around and backfire on them.

It's the start.


Hillary Clinton arrested, Finally Indicted for her emails.

April 17, 2020

Hillary Clinton will finally be indicted for her open email server, where she was siphoning off US Military Secrets and classified SAPs to the Russians and the Chinese government.

In addition to this, Google, who was working with China, may also face charges for providing a classified, secret email system to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their associates.  With this email system they were all given aliases and were able to communicate in private between each other without anyone hacking, leaking, or getting hold of what they were communicating.

As a background, the Liberal MSM has accused Trump of telling the Russians and the Chinese to hack her emails.  This is not true.  He asked them if they had her emails to let him know.  The Podesta Emails, which were dropped during the last election, and Hillary Clinton's open server where she deleted 33,000 emails are two different things.  They are not the same.


Barack Obama outed as saudi-russian double asset.

February 19, 2020

The New World Order has overthrown Russia, her territory, and allies - for decades.  Russia has known this.  What hasn't been revealed in its totality will become even more clear as time goes on.  Russia has known this has been happening, and that there has been a trade-off or pay for play scheme with the New World Order going on this entire time.  In addition to this scheme, they both have been screwing each other over, and fighting proxy wars vs each other.

Think of the timelines.  

Uranium One was sold in May 2010 to a Russian, Kremlin-backed organization - Rosatom.   Russia knew Ukraine was the next step for Soros' European Union and Uranium One was given to them.  When Victor Yanukovych took office, he was supposed to sign an EU backed trade deal, but then refused a year later when he decided to become closer to the Russian side.  Soros and his groups then descend on Ukraine, and fomented a revolution under the guise of a "corruption probe" - where Yanukovych was thrown out of office by the Deep State.  Hundreds died.  Petro Poroshenko was then installed, who promised that Ukraine would become part of the European Union, and then NATO.  Russia then annexed Crimea in the middle of the night, while Obama, Biden and co. later laundered money to fund a proxy war in the region - according to investigative reports.

The ultimate pay-for-play scheme that will be revealed is that a Saudi-Russian double asset was put in the White House to purposely engineer America's demise from the most powerful nation in the world, to a shadow of its former self - so that Russia and China could team up and control the world.  In exchange for America's meltdown, the New World Order would achieve One World Governmental control over the world, with Saudi Arabia moving closer to Russian/Chinese cooperation.

It will be revealed that Barack Obama's parents, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, were both training to be Russian assets, and met attending Russian language classes.  Barack Obama Sr. has had a rumored history of working with the CIA in Africa, and Ann Durham herself worked for USAID in the 1960s and 1970s.  In both these positions they worked alongside CIA agents there, but also alongside the Russian - Communist leadership in the area as well.  They both became double agents.  Obama was born, and then raised and trained to be a double agent himself, sponsored by the Russians and the Saudis and overseen by the CIA.  He was then purposely put inside the White House in the ultimate pay for play scheme.  Obama was trained to be a Marxist, and hated America and all it stood for.

As a double agent, his agenda was to purposely weaponize America's enemies.  You witnessed this with Iran.  You also saw it with Chinese expansion around the globe.  Finally, you knew of Clinton's open email server selling US secrets.

In addition, as a double agent, he worked for the New World Order, which meant he also did things to advance their agenda well.  This agenda was the revolution of America, and Obama was primal in carrying out George Soros' ideals of changing her as a nation.  America had to be changed for the New World Order to be successful.  That goal was destroying her and her values from within to weaken her, and her allies.  In addition, Obama carried out the objective of turning America into a weakened socialist state that hated itself and its history.  The goal was for America to become a weak nation, firstly submissive of global governance, secondly to be willing to give up her military, and lastly accept her demise from the top of the global food chain.

Double Agents are shifty characters.  You never know where their true loyalty lies.  In his case, it will be revealed that it was not for America, her allies, or Judeo-Chrisitian culture.


Barack Obama will be revealed as a Russian asset, and the source of the Russian Reset.  This is why Hillary Clinton could never be indicted for her email server that was siphoning off United States Special Access Programs, because a Russian asset was Commander-in-Chief at the time, and controlled America's military.  This could never be revealed.  She knew she was going to walk.

Why did the anti-Trump dossier come from KGB sources?  Now you know.


Barack obama will flee america, on treason charges.

August 28, 2019

Barack Obama was the first President to not go away and enjoy retirement after his time in office was over.  Most previous Presidents step out of the limelight, and take a hiatus for a while - before returning to enjoy retirement.  After reading this site, you know what is actually going on.   

Barack Obama moved just a few miles down the street, in Washington, DC, where he operates a shadow government of rogue agents from various groups of government agencies.  This group  has worked to overthrow Trump from office, and continue to work toward undermining his progress and ensuring that Trump is not successful.   

The New World Order is doing everything it can to protect itself  and ensure its survival, but Barack Obama knows the time is coming when he is going to lose a lot of this control over America.

In August of 2019, Barack Obama purchased a home in Martha's Vineyard, on a property right next to the Atlantic Ocean.  This property is right by the sea, and can be easily accessed by the deep state to whisk him away to safety when he faces treason charges.

My prediction is that at sometime in Donald Trump's second term in office, Barack Obama will face treason charges and flee The United States of America to a foreign entity or power. 

Stay tuned.


Bernie sanders drops out of race due to illness.

February 22, 2020

My prediction was wrong.  Bernie Sanders did in fact bow out of the race - but it was NOT for health reasons.  On Wednesday , April 8th, 2020 Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race for President of The United States.  His  campaign was still raking in money, but he decided to suspend anyway.  His dropping out, and endorsing Joe Biden, leaves an unhealthy Biden as front runner, who has speculated running Michelle Obama as Vice President.


Everyone knows the DNC is rigged.  


The Democrats work for George Soros.  

The DNC works for George Soros.  

The Liberal Media all works for George Soros.  

George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are working to bring in this global UN Agenda.  

Bernie Sanders knew in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was the chosen corporate pig.  He backed away, made money, and left.  In 2020, as of the time of me writing this, he is in the lead.  The Deep State has already attacked his team as being openly used by the Russian government. 

The New World Order does not want Bernie Sanders.  Bernie knows this.  

I predict Bernie Sanders will become ill, and be forced to drop out of the Presidential Race in 2020. 


Michelle obama will run last minute vs trump, and lose.

July 22, 2019

Trump is unstoppable.   He's polling at 50 percent plus or minus a few ticks, and he's gotten 99 percent horrid media coverage.   On top of that, people are figuring out the media, the lies, and the truth that our politicians work for a global agenda.

The New World Order is in big trouble.  With the upcoming IG Report, and the other investigations on the horizon, it is imperative that they stop Trump at all costs, without shaking up the system.  

The RINOs have no answer for Trump.

The Democrats are a disaster.

Barack Obama tried to get the CIA, MI6, NSA, etc, and Russia to stop Trump from winning office.

So Michelle Obama is completely in play.

My bet is that Michelle will run last minute, because they have nobody even close to beating Trump and they are desperate. 

She will then lose to Trump, with a bigger margin of loss than Hillary Clinton did.


the democrats never win the presidency or senate, again.

July 17, 2019

I am going on a limb and saying that the Democrats will never win the Presidency or the Senate ever again.

That is, unless something BIG happens in the world.  

I am going on this limb because people are starting to realize that all previous Presidents never truly cared about America, and they worked on a global agenda instead.

The democrat policies are too radical, too extreme, and un-electable.



The smackdown by mueller, the I.G., huber, and Durham.

January 16, 2019

On Friday March 22, 2019, Robert Mueller submitted his report to the DOJ and it was announced there would be no more indictments coming from the Russian Probe. Essentially, Donald Trump has been cleared by Robert Mueller.  Will more come?  What about the Inspector General and Huber?  Stay tuned - lots more to come.


The entire world is going to be in shock, very soon.

The media has been chasing designed leak after leak after leak from this investigation like a laser pointer. 

Notice we used the word, designed.   Because the leaks have been designed.

If you read this hill article, it will lead you to a bit of background information.


While the media has been fomenting the idea that Mueller is working to take down President Trump, because he has obvious Russian ties, the real investigation has been going on behind the scenes.

The real investigation is going to shock the world.  The media is going to be outed as pure garbage, as the deceivers they are, working for George Soros and the New World Order.

Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein were both involved in the Uranium One scandal, where the Obama administration approved the sale of Uranium One to Russian owned Rosatom.  This turned over a large amount of the US' untapped uranium deposits to Russia.

The weakening of America from within.

FBI Directors are only able to lead for a maximum of 1, 10 year term.  Robert Mueller's was extended by congress last minute, but he was ineligible to lead the FBI again.

The day before he was appointed as head of the special counsel, he interviewed with Trump for the FBI job.   

The day before.

Rod Rosenstein was appointed by Trump as deputy attorney general on February 1st, 2017.

Robert Muller speaks to Rod Rosenstein three times a week, about the direction of the investigation.

And Rod Rosenstein meets with Trump 3 times a week, and is taken on Air Force One, one of the most secure planes on the planet.

They aren't there just talking about golf.

Trump leads the media on, saying it's a "Witch Hunt".  Bad bad people.  

The real investigation has been secret this entire time.

Stay tuned.


Trump's huge victory over the New World Order.

September 3, 2018

Ever wonder why Donald Trump was registered as a democrat during the Bush years, only to switch to Republican during Obama's time in office?  Well this is it.

The New World Order is real.  It's easy to figure out who is pulling the strings, and what this deep state agenda is.  Just read our blog and find out.

As the New World Order gained power and control over America, her government, and humanity, patriots inside the United States government saw what was going on.  They were dismayed and angered as the New World Order brought destruction to America, her people, and people around the world.  They saw the wars, the chaos, the funding of terrorists, and the spreading of evil over humanity.  And they wanted to do something about it.

What you are watching in the news, and the weird discrepancies between the intelligence agencies, is an internal struggle or war going on for the future of America.

There were two ways to seize control.  Either stage a coup d'etat from whatever New World Order controlled president was in power at the time, or win legitimately.  A coup d'etat would have drastic consequences on the people, as civil war would descend on America.

It wasn't going to happen.

The patriots in the government went to Trump and asked him to  run to save their country from the New World Order and to eradicate it from their government.  They needed a candidate who could speak his mind, take on the New World Order controlled media, and battle these evil forces.  They needed someone wealthy who didn't mind losing a large part of his fortune.

And Trump loved America so much that he was willing to do it.

The stakes were so high that Barack Obama got Clinton and the DNC to pay for a fake dossier, to tie Trump to Russia so they could overthrow him from office.  The establishment republicans, like John McCain, etc, were also in on it as well.  Barack Obama weaponized the FBI, CIA, and NSA to surveil Trump and his family to stop him from becoming president, or damaging his presidency so much that he wouldn't be successful in his goals.

Yes, you heard us.  There was a plot between multiple intelligence agencies around the world, to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.  And it was all Barack Hussein Obama's idea.  And it's all going to come out.

It's going to all hit the fan.

By the time Trump's presidency is over, it is going to be so obvious to the average person who is willing to research that they were purposely trying to bring about the demise of America and our Western countries to accept global governance.

People, including those involved in this plot against Trump will be hauled in front of military tribunals and some will go to prison.

Barack Hussein Obama will flee the country.

When Trump walks away from office the world will be forever changed.  The average person will know without a doubt that there was indeed a New World Order, and it wasn't just a conspiracy theory.

The New World Order is going to lose America, and Britain will not be the only country to leave the European Union.

We aren't crazy.  

Just listen to Trump speak:



israel invaded by russia and iran, war like never seen.

April 14, 2019

Russia is in big trouble, with the KGB/FSB creating a dossier to overthrow a President from office.  There are going to be financial implications in regards to sanctions from the international community.  But why did they do it?

To understand this post, you have to read my blog entitled "Where the World Is Going In Just a Few Short Years" and I recommend listening to my podcasts entitled "There will be war" and "I apologize for scaring you."

This prediction is still approximately 3 years away from coming true at the time of this writing.

We live in a world where major war has not been seen in decades.  Sure there was the conflict in Iraq, etc, but there has not been a major battle that has been because of a changing global power structure.

Donald J. Trump is going to have a massive victory over the New World Order.  I've written a prediction about this.  The victory is going to be so massive, that the New World Order will be eradicated from America.  The result is going to have forever global implications, which will be great, but one of which, is not good.

Valdimir Putin loves Russia, and will do anything for the survival of his nation.  He annexed Crimea in the middle of the night, and nobody said boo.  Nobody could say boo.  Russia has more nuclear weapons than any other nation on earth.

Russia has had its back against the wall for decades from the New World Order.  It has been surrounded by NATO, it is being infiltrated by Soros and his organizations, and has been gang-raped economically through sanctions that are threatening its very economic survival.

Russia will make a move, because they tried to help the New World Order overthrow Trump, and are screwed because of it.

Why a war though?  So many reasons.

Russia depends on oil prices to be high for its economic survival, and will covet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Iran has wanted to control Saudi Arabia for decades, because it disagrees with their handling of Islam, and sees them also, as the key to their survival economically.  This is one reason why there is a proxy war going on in Yemen between the Saudis and Iran forces.  This is why the Obama administration funded the Saudis in their fight there, because Iran and Russia are economically tied at the hip. 

But why Israel?

Israel is the only major powerhouse in the region that would stop any control of Saudi Arabia by Iran or Russia.  Israel is already causing problems for Russia and Iran in Syria, as they are taking out Iranian sites without the aid of the US.  Israel is also a nuclear superpower, with mini nuclear weapons, and is very hush hush about their arsenal.  

For Iran and Russia to control Saudi Arabia, Israel must first be dealt with.

With Trump having a huge victory over the New World Order, and NATO perhaps crumbling, as nations who spied on America leave the EU to keep their loyalty with America, Russia will make a move for the future of its survival.  Having had strict sanctions placed on it for being involved in the funding of the dossier to overthrow a sitting President, Russia will invade Israel along with Iran and a few other countries in the middle of the night. 

And it very well may be right after a middle eastern peace agreement.

Wars used to take years to decide, but with today's nuclear technology, wars can be decided in hours or days.  This war will be the most grusome, short nuclear war ever seen by mankind.  The death total from this war will be so immense for such a short period of time.

Israel has been invaded before, and has planned for future invasions.  They will be victorious, and the EU, Soros, and the New World Order will take control of Russia after,  joining her to the crumbling European Union and incorporating her into the EU Army.

And just wait followers.  This new conservative movement will be blamed for all of this.



September 6, 2018

My prediction was partly true.  The Republicans did maintain control of the Senate, seeing a slight increase in control - while the democrats retook the house.  With the Republicans controlling the Senate, it will be almost impossible for the democrats to impeach Trump, or stop any supreme court Justice appointments.  In addition, it will be almost impossible for Congress to pass legislation unless catering somewhat to Trumps' agenda and the Republicans.


For the average person who doesn't understand populism this may seem like a confusing prediction.  

But we are confident.  Take it to the bank.

Populism will never be understood if you watch the mainstream media.

The media spins Trump as a buffoon, who has no clue what he's doing, while his entire cabinet is in chaos.  He's like a tornado.  He has an agenda that makes no sense.  He flip flops, and has a weak foreign policy.

Those who understand populism know much better.  We know the media is fake, is designed and working for a purpose, and a certain agenda.  We understand what Trump is trying to do, and his goals.  

To us, it's obvious.

The average Trump voter now understands there is a hidden secret agenda, and both the establishment democrat and republicans are in on it.

Our verdict?

Populism will never go away on it's own.  It's going to be told to go away, by force.  

The Republicans will win the 2018 Midterms, and Trump will be President of the United States for a full 8 years.


populism never withers away on its own. it is forced to.

January 17, 2019

What is Populism if we summarized it in the most basic, simplistic form?

It's a conservative, right wing movement that has grown from a tiny spark into a large ordeal.  And it is only going to get bigger as time, and as the awakening continues.

It's a movement that was never supposed to happen.  The mainstream media was controlled, and the powers at be never had any clue that alternative media, and alternative facts, would break the barrier open and awaken the masses.  

It's not to say that all alternative media has been correct.  It hasn't been.

But some has been correct, and people started seeing the lies of the mainstream.

It's an awakening to the realization that there are indeed powers at be in this world, who dictate global agenda and have worldwide plans. 

It's an awakening to the politicians that work for these people, and a realization that the media is in their pockets.  

And this global agenda is not for good.  It is for evil and global control.

And as the powers at be clamp down, regulate speech, destroy alternative media, and over regulate Youtube, Twitter and Facebook,  it is only going to become even more obvious to the masses.

You either believe and watch what we tell you, or you're a problem.

Once you tell people they cannot act or think a certain way, or view certain channels, or visit certain websites, what do people do?  They gravitate to what you say they cannot do - you are going to have a multitude start doing it.

Populism will never go away on its own.  It will never wither and die, and just disappear like previous movements in this world have done.

It will be told to go away by force.