Let's go. my opinions on your world.


what you are witnessing is a great awakening.


Who am I?  What does my face look like?  You'll never know.  I prefer to leave my identity a secret.  

What I will reveal is that I am a normal Canadian guy who has a different opinion about how the world you live in both works and runs politically.   I am a critical thinker, and like to share my gift.

The purpose of this page is to awaken those to what is happening politically around them.   The election of Trump and Brexit have brought along with it a lot of anger and frustration.  The reason you are so angry and frustrated is because of the media system that you live in.   The media is agenda based.  This includes both sides, politically.   The media is not telling you the truth about what is actually happening today - and you deserve to know.

What you are about to explore is my passion.  On this site exists a crash course, blog, and podcast explaining what is happening around you.  Everything on here is free of charge, and free to share.  I make no money from this site.  I'm not in this for fame.

Let's begin.

What is populism if we summarized it in the most basic, simplistic form?  

Well, it is a conservative, right wing political movement that has grown from a tiny spark - into a large ordeal.   It is only going to get bigger as time, and as the awakening continues.  It's a movement that was never supposed to happen.  The mainstream media is controlled.  The powers at be never had any clue that alternative media, and alternative facts, and the internet especially - would break the barrier open and awaken the masses. 


It's not to say that all alternative media has been correct.  It hasn't been.   But a lot has been correct, and people started seeing the lies of the mainstream.  Populism is an awakening to the realization that there are indeed powers at be in this world, and these powers dictate global agenda and have worldwide plans.  It's an awakening to the politicians that work for these people, and a realization that the media is in their pockets. 

It is a realization that Presidents are chosen by the Deep State, and they are elected by selling them to everyone using the corporate media.  This is all to ensure this global agenda worldwide continues and is successful.  

This global agenda being enacted is for incredible evil.  

What do I mean by that?  What is the goal?

In a short answer - the complete control of every aspect of humanity.  This includes the world's wealth and resources, its technology, and its population.  Essentially - global totalitarian government.  These people want the final say on who lives, and who dies, and how humans live their lives.  They want control over the media you read and watch, and what humans think and believe.  They even want control over what you say.  This government will be unelected, and nobody will be able to stop them, or remove them from office - once their plans succeed.

As the powers at be clamp down, regulate speech, destroy alternative media, and over regulate YouTube, Twitter and Facebook - it is only going to become even more obvious to the masses.  You either believe and watch what we tell you - or you're a problem.  Once you tell people they cannot act or think a certain way, view certain channels, or visit certain websites, what do people do?  They gravitate to what you say they cannot do.  You suddenly have a multitude start doing it - and this is exactly what populism is.  As this awakening explodes, the "powers at be" will only clamp down trying to control this awakening even more.

The truth is for yourself to research.  Compare my opinions to the news, and do your own research.   

This agenda for totalitarian one world government is called the New World Order.

I will expose it and show it to you.  I will show you these powers, and how they operate in your daily life.   I will dig into the news and critically analyze events.  I will also try my best to explain historical fact.  I will even try to make some predictions and take a few guesses based on how I think things are playing out.

Compare what I say, and see where it leads you.  Remember though - I am only the start.  It's not on me.  It is on you and you only.  These people own and control the media, the fact checkers and the search engines.  It's not easy.  You have to want to see it.

Once you see it, your life will never be the same.

The truth is this -  Donald Trump isn't with the Russians.  The media has been lying to you for years.

Donald Trump's Presidency represents a faction of their own military intelligence that has seized control of the Executive Branch from a long lineage of chosen New World Order puppets.  Trump is the elected face this organized internal rebellion.  Clinton, Obama, and Bush all work for the same people, and this plot was organized and planned in advance because the New World Order could not win the White House in 2016.  This is because they were planning the next major global revolution -  a worldwide, controlled global skirmish which would have resulted in global governance.  

This skirmish would result in a few objectives if completed.  

Firstly, submitting their own nations by force, as a bribe to the enemy - that they had done evil to for so long.   Secondly, the teaching and trained acceptance of this global governance plot to their own citizens - we are all just one world, one humanity.  Thirdly, the destruction of America and its allies from rich and powerful countries into shadows of their former selves - hated and despised.  And lastly, the theft of the American Military - to combine forces with the enemy, for a global army that nobody could stand against.  Once their plan was complete, unelected global government would arise, and nobody could ever remove them from control again.

What is being enacted by Trump has been planned for a long time, and is being purposely laid out with extreme precision despite what the media says to you.  This is because of the stakes of what is involved.  That is, the eventual reveal that there is a global agenda to enslave humanity, and the re-education of the planet, without causing anarchy and chaos along the way.

Trump and his team are out to expose this New World Order, weaken its control globally, and completely destroy the media system they have controlled for a long time.  And the stakes are so high, that Obama and his team got the enemy, Russia, to stop Trump's internal military rebellion at all costs.

I caution you - what is inside this website may change your life forever.

Feel free to dive in.  I wish you best of luck.


The Awakener

where trump is taking the world

Expose The New World Order


By the end of Trump's Presidency all mankind will know the truth - there is a secret cabal of elite who plan on having one world government.  They have infiltrated governments, religious centers, and have started wars and conflicts.  They have destroyed nation states, and have an agenda to control all mankind.

Weaken Their Control Globally


Trump has helped explode a right wing populist movement around the globe.  These movements are resulting in right wing politicians being elected into nations around the world.  The result is that these nations legislate agenda that goes against The New World Order and its global goals.

Destroy Their Media System


The Media is biased, colludes with government, and radicalizes their followers by not explaining the truth and what is happening with this populist movement.  By the end of Trump's time in office, the mainstream media will have zero credibility, and it will be exposed as a talking arm for the elites who want to control the planet.

Expose The Crimes


Trump will expose the crimes of the New World Order, and the politicians who work for them and enact their agenda.  That includes the selling off of national assets to the enemy, the sharing of national secrets and technology, and planning revolutions meant to destroy Sovereign Nation States from within.

Arrest / Prosecute for Treason


Political opponents who have sold out the United States to the enemy, and have tried to influence elections to save their global agenda - will be arrested and face treason charges.  Those invested in Satanic cults and the selling of women and children into sex slavery fill first be exposed and second, face justice.  The truth will be revealed to all humanity.

Stabilize The World


For decades the New World Order has set up wars and revolutions that have caused anguish, strife and death.  Trump will try to stabilize the world and weaken America's enemies.  ISIS will be mostly gone, North Korea will come to the table, and Iran will be sanctioned.