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soros - the modern revolutionary.

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The New World Order has used Soros and his organizations to foment revolution in dozens of countries around the globe.  The goal of the New World Order is to eventually create global, unelected government.  To do so requires many steps.  Firstly, the eventually control of Russia and its government, which would lead to the control of her military.  Secondly, the eventual acceptance and assimilation of China is paramount.  Lastly, America must be changed to a weakened socialist state, willing to give up its military and be submissive of global government.   Soros and his organizations are working in America and its allies to revolutionize them, weakening them from the inside, and training its citizens to the acceptance of this planned global revolution.  Listed below is a historical guide showing you various revolutions Soros has funded, funds, and its attempt to control Russia, via destroying its borders and territory.    It also shows the outcomes of these revolutions - most of them have resulted in each nation state becoming part of the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union.  

how do soros' revolutions work?

Step 1 - Organize


Revolutions are highly organized years in advance.  George Soros and his Open Society Foundations work to create and sponsor smaller organizations within the country they seek to revolutionize.

Step 2 - Fund Dissidents


Undertaking a revolution costs big money.  Open Society Foundations has spent billions of dollars around the globe, and the end result is that people on the streets who enact the revolution get their equipment paid for - or get money in their pockets.

Step 3 - Control The Media


The Media works in two ways.  It firstly controls the narrative of the revolution.  Secondly, the political side that is deemed the threat is cast as the enemy in the media, and labelled as radicals.

Step 4 - Divide The Citizens


Revolutions get ugly.  Destroying a nation from within - and changing its history and culture takes a lot of manpower.  It takes people on the street rallying - to enact this changing of culture and opinion.  Things often get messy.  Citizens, often radicalized by the media in the country, are pitted against each other in hatred.

Step 5 - The Coup Happens


Citizens or military personnel march on their government and overthrow it, or a war or skirmish happens.  New controlled leadership is usually forcefully installed after.

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution


The result of the revolution is that the county's leadership changes, forever.  With the previous government being overthrown, the revolution is now complete, and the nation becomes part of the planned New World Order outlook.  This means eventual entry into the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union, and NATO membership.

historic guide to soros' revolutions.


Ukraine, 2014

George Soros and his organizations descended on Ukraine in advance and stirred up revolution using a corruption probe.  A series of violent events and protests ended up in the removal of Victor Yanukovych, who had sided with Russia.  The Deep State installed a New World Order Puppet ,Petro Poroshenko.  The end result was that Russia annexed Crimea after the coup was successful, and that Ukraine was promised entry into the EU and NATO.  Soros had been involved in previous revolutions in the country, including the 2004 Orange Revolution.


Georgia, 2003 - 2008

This revolution was brought about by widespread protests which resulted in the removal of Soviet-backed leader Eduard Shevardnadze.   This was famously called the Rose Revolution.   Open Society Foundation supported Mikheil Saakashvili at the time.  USAID, which received funding from Open Society Foundations, spent 1.5 million dollars trying to institute a voting system in Georgia.  Soros additionally paid for student activists in this revolution to go to Serbia to train in advance, from dissidents that had ousted Slobodan Milosevic in 2000.  The result was a bloodless revolution, but resulted in the Georgia War.  This was when Russia invaded and annexed part of the territory in response to Georgia being promised NATO membership.  Georgia is also looking to join the European Union.


Yugoslavia, 2000

 George Soros quietly played a key role in the dramatic overthrow of President Slobodan Milosevic. His Soros Foundations Network helped finance several pro-democracy groups, including the student organization Otpor, which spearheaded grass-roots resistance to the authoritarian Yugoslav leader.   The leader was accused of war crimes, and gave up his post, after NATO bombed the country without UN authorization because China and Russia had vetoed their request.  After the breakdown of the country and division into different states, these areas are being considered for EU membership.


Poland, 1989

  George Soros had his hand in funding the Solidarity movement in Poland.  This social movement was almost destroyed by the hands of the Communist government which imposed Martial Law in Poland.  However, the government was forced to negotiate and round table talks led to semi-free elections in 1989.  By the end of August, a Solidarity coalition government was formed.  In addition to Soros and his money financing this movement, it received support from both the CIA and the Vatican.


Hungary, 1989

In 1989 The Communist rule in the Hungarian People's Republic came to an end.  The events were part of the Revolutions of 1989, known in Hungarian as the Rendszervaltas, which means "Regime Change".  George Soros directly had his hand in funding dissidents and sponsoring this revolution.


Czechoslovakia, 1989

The Velvet Revolution of once Czechoslovakia  was a non-violent transition of power which occurred between November 17 to 29 December 29, 1989. Popular demonstrations against the one-party government of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia included students and older dissidents.  The result was the end of 41 years of the one-party rule in Czechoslovakia, and the subsequent of the command economy and conversion to a parliamentary republic.  George Soros helped fund this Velvet Revolution.

history of nato expansion vs russian contraction.


Other Revolutions.

The Arab Spring


The Arab Spring was a complicated series of government overthrows involving the CIA, Military, and other institutions.  George Soros and his Open Society Foundations helped contribute major funding to the Arab Spring Revolutions.  Other agencies involved received money indirectly from his organizations.  These agencies included USAID, CANVAS, and Freedom House.



ISIS was designed to be a revolutionary force in the middle east, which was funded by Saudi Arabia, America, and its allies.  The goal was the eventual creation of a unified Caliphate in the Middle East.  Soros used politicians in power in America, as well as the media system -  to sell the lie of ISIS.  Secondly, Soros created a refugee crisis out of the event, which was designed as an operation to destroy national borders worldwide.  Soros himself donated half a billion dollars to the cause.  ISIS was de-funded after Donald J. Trump took office, and Soros infamously decried that Trump "Was doing the work of ISIS."

JFK Warned Us About the New World Order

Historic synopsis, 1800 - 1980.


The Rothschilds, an ancient and powerful family, have been the front of center of European power for hundreds of years.  Their wealth grew exponentially with the British Empire.  The New World Order has existed for hundreds of years, with an elite family controlling it.


World War 1 plunged Europe into war.  With devastating new technology - the machine gun, and the resulting trench warfare, millions of human lives were lost .


The League of Nations was created in 1920, in an effort to maintain global peace - making sure a war would not happen again.


The League of Nations failed, with World War 2 starting in 1939.  This second world war was even more devastating than the first, with tens of millions losing their lives around the globe.  By the end of World War 2, the British had lost their status as the most powerful nation and military, in the world.


America and her allies combined forces with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany, and Hitler. America defeated Japan, using Atomic weapons for the first time ever.  America became the most powerful nation in the world because of its military.


The United Nations is created October 24th, 1945, and it takes over from the failed League of Nations.  This marks a second try at a global bureaucracy to maintain world peace. 


The Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, marking the constitutional basis for the European Union.  The European Union is an unelected government that rules over Europe and subverts nation states, their rules, and laws.  Robert Rothschild, a member of that elite Rothschild family, helped draft this agreement.


America became so powerful militarily, that it started to see itself as a global protector of future wars and conflict.  It had the ability, using its military, to dictate global agenda out of fear.  Dwight D. Eisenhower makes his famous speech, warning of the disastrous consequences of unwarranted power and influence, and the rising military industrial complex.   He stresses that the only way to guard against these abuses was to ensure that all citizens were awake and informed to what their government was doing.


 The era of Nuclear Proliferation is ushered in, with America and the Soviet State, the USSR, creating enough nuclear weapons between them to destroy the world many times over.  Future wars carry the threat of devastating global consequences.   


The Berlin Wall was created in 1961.  The resulting "Iron Curtain" became the symbol of the Cold War.  America and the Soviets never trusted each other.  The USSR never wanted to play ball with America's global goals after World War 2 - and America planned to slowly control her, her borders, and her agenda.


Proxy wars to contain communism broke out in places such as Veitnam.   Anti war protests broke out with the culmination happening in 1971, when the media released the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon papers showed that  all American Presidents, both left and right, were both working on the Vietnam War, a Deep State agenda behind the scenes, and lying to the public about it.  The media has an honest agenda in the day, but in later years becomes infiltrated by the Deep State.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, while not perfect, unearthed a global plot for evil and tried to expose it.  He was a President that was not totally controllable by the Deep State.  He was well liked, and went against many aspects of the CIA agenda, and was famously known for it.  A conservative by the standard of today, he would be completely against the modern marxist democrat or liberal.  The democrat party of the future was not meant to follow his ideology and he was seen as a threat for their long term goals.  He was assassinated, with his death being falsely blamed on a lone gunman.

historic synopsis, Modern era, 1980 -2015.


 The Rothschilds, that ancient and powerful family we talked about, bring about George Soros.  They help him start his Quantum fund, make him incredibly wealthy, and he is forever in their service and debt.  He runs his group "Open Society Foundations", which sponsor many other groups underneath it. Some of these groups work directly with the media you watch.  He works with those in both political affiliates, as do his founders, the Rothschild family. 


 The European Union is created officially in 1993, which is an unelected government that subverts nations in Europe. George Soros is their biggest backer.  This Union has spread over the past few decades.  The Rothschilds, who had been the front and center of European power for hundreds of years, now allow Soros to become their biggest mover and shaker around the globe.  The Rothschild family takes a back seat, sponsoring politicians in the shadows instead.


 The Deep State uses Soros and his organizations to foment revolution in other countries.  They did it in Poland, Czech Republic and Yugoslavia, to name a few, in the 1980s.  The purpose of these groups were to push the USSR away from sections of Europe, and to bring them into the European Union.  George Soros admits all this himself, even writing articles for CNN on the subject.  Soros groups divide the people and stir up the winds of revolution, sometimes months or even years before the coup attempts happen.   By the time the coup attempts happen, the population is divided and broken.  The side the Deep State wants to get rid of are made out to be complete enemies in local and international media.  Eventually, the Soviet Union collapses in 1991, leaving behind modern day Russia as a nation.


The Deep State works on its main agenda, which is spreading the European Union, and pushing Russia away from parts of Europe, all behind the scenes.  The European Union spreads while both left and right are in power.  While this is happening, a second agenda is started.  The Middle East is destabilized, with the first Gulf War being a test run.  After the Invasion of Iraq in 2003, which resulted in no weapons of mass destruction found, Iraq is without leadership, and void.  The Deep State and the CIA are ready to create ISIS out of the power vacuum in the area, which will be used to further their global goals.


Barack Obama is brought about by the same side of the Saudi Royal Family that funded the Bushes and Hillary Clinton's campaign.   He is elected and begins unleashing Soros' revolution on America.  The plan is to train America and its citizens to the hatred of their own country, and turn America into a weakened socialist state.  This state would hopefully be submissive of global governance, and be willing to give up its military.  Along with allies, Obama works to create and fund ISIS, commits the Arab Spring, and begins working with Russia toward her being assimilated into the European Union.


 Donald J. Trump's Presidency represents a faction of the Military and CIA that has seized control of America's government from a long line of New World Order puppets.   Donald J. Trump is briefed years in advance of what is going on inside America's government, and how it is affecting the world.  Trump runs to save his country from The New World Order, which was going to destroy and submit her to global governance.  He wins an election he was never supposed to.  The other side never thought she would lose.  During the election cycle, the Deep State works to prepare to take him out.  Barack Hussein Obama weaponizes the NSA, CIA, FBI and its leadership heads to remove Trump from office.  They spy on him and his family, and put in plants in his campaign, which they had previously tied to Russia.  They then leak to the media, to sell the idea that Trump is a Russian asset - and this is done to disguise Trump being the face of a coup by a faction of their own government.