a crash course - on the new world order.


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Below is a simple crash course on "The New World Order."  

This brief explanation will show a simple summary of The New World Order, what it is, its agenda, and show you their global goals for you to understand.   Once you understand the basis of this global entity, you will see how it operates in the news and how it affects your own nation.  

It is a United Nations Agenda that has been planned for generations.  

It operates secretly behind the scene.


What is it? What is its main objective? why is it evil?

The New World Order is simply described as a global governance plot, or in other words, the attempted control of all humanity under a singularity.   This plot has existed for well over a hundred years, but you were always labelled a conspiracy theorist if you tried to prove its existence.  Today, people are waking up, and at a rate never before seen.  For the first time, humans are questioning the media and information they are being fed.  They are also inquisitive of big money in politics, and seek to understand what is going on in their world - and what agenda their politicians are up to. 

The New World Order is complicated to understand.  It involves big money from very wealthy people, and this money flows down from person to person, and from organization to organization.  These organizations all play a part in a common goal, which is uniting all nations on earth, under one single unelected bureaucracy.   One organization might be tasked with a certain plan, while another one might be different.  However, the common goal is the same.  All these entities work together for a common system, which is attempted global governance of all humanity.

The New World Order is not loyal to any nation on earth.  It is only loyal to the European Union, which is an unelected bureaucracy that subverts a group of nations and their national laws.  The  main objective of the New World Order is the survival and success of this union, and adding to it a growing list of nations or subsections of them.  Eventually, the goal is to incorporate the major superpowers, take their respective military powers, and spread this unelected government across all nations on earth.  This will eventually give rise to global government, and the ability to control every aspect of earth.  This includes all her resources, her technology, and her population - including global religion.  It is pure evil - in every aspect of the definition.  This order seeks to have the final say over how humans live their lives, what they watch, and how they live and die.

The Three Major visible Influences.


1. The Rothschild Family

The Rothschild Family is an ancient family that has led power in European culture for hundreds of years.  The original source of the New World Order, the Rothschild family saw its influence and control expand during the British Empire, where much of the modern world we knew today was under their control.  Today, the Rothschild family operates in the background, sponsoring run-offs and politicians who enact their agenda.  Robert Rothschild drafted the Treaty of Rome, which was the basis for the start of the European Union.  The families' ancient grasp of power, and their control and influence around the world is still apparent, but the family remains in the shadows.  They let others do their main work.  The main goal has been for hundreds of years to set up Europe as the leader of the planet.  Today, all these entities work to set up the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union as global government, spreading the unit over all nations and mankind.


2. George Soros

The Rothschild family brings about George Soros.  They help him start his Quantum Fund and he becomes incredibly, incredibly wealthy, with his wealth peaking at almost $30 billion dollars at one point in time.  He is forever in their servitude, and he becomes their main source of power and influence around the globe.  He runs his own group, Open Society Foundations, which use his vast wealth to influence politics, culture, and promote change in societies around the globe.  Open Society Foundations sponsors hundreds of smaller organizations around the globe which all do their part toward a common goal - global governance.  The Rothschild family may be prime and center in old European culture, but George Soros becomes the main modern backer of their European Union.  This union, which started as a small group of countries, is being spread.  This unelected government dictates agenda such as immigration, etc, for all nations it oversees and rules.  The European Union as covered earlier, is a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-religious global governance plot in disguise, known as the United Nations.  Believe it or not, George Soros and some of his entities work directly with the liberal media that you listen to, read, or watch.  He funds the internet fact checkers.  Some of these work with social media giants like Facebook.  News agencies sometimes work directly with organizations he directly finances.  His reach and influence are vast.


3. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays a big role in helping  the New World Order, and they help them, in turn.  Money makes the world go round, and with the largest oil reserves on the planet, Saudi Arabia has been made incredibly wealthy.  The planets' dependence on oil has turned the Crown Family into one of the richest in the world, and they hold undeniable influence.   Saudi Arabia is the driving force of the Middle East politically and religiously.  It is the driving force of Islam -  with Mecca and Madina, two of the holiest sites for Muslims on premise.  The Royal Family, or the House of Saud, does whatever the New World Order wants it to do, whenever they are asked.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia assists in deep state operations, including funding terrorists or helping to spreading refugees.  They helped by assisting American troops in the War on Iraq.  They helped the deep state in the revolution in Syria.  The Muslim Brotherhood and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have always had historical ties for decades.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aids the New World Order by closely working with The Muslim Brotherhood, helping spread Islam around the planet, as the New World Order seeks to attempt to force all humans to co-exist and accept each other.  The Deep State also seeks to work with Saudi Arabia to help her control and spread her agenda all over the Middle East.  The goal is to have a single power controlling and influencing the Muslim world physically, politically, and religiously.  This is why proxy wars continue vs Iran, as the two are fighting over control and influence of the region.  The House of Saud is one of the largest financiers of politicians in Western Nations, donating tens of millions of dollars to recent political campaigns.  In addition, it finances mosques and schools across Europe and North America.


soros - the modern revolutionary.

George Soros talked on CNN with Fareed Zakaria about his organizations, and his money, and what they were doing around the globe.  He has said many times that "Revolutions start with enthusiasm and end in tears."  Go on Youtube, type that in the search bar, and listen for yourself.

George Soros' Open Society Foundations are being used to usher in this United Nations plan.  Any research done on his website will show you that this is indeed true - they are being used to bring in this agenda of "Sustainable Development."

George Soros is the easiest lineage of the New World Order to follow.  The influences of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are harder to understand, and the business dealings of the Rothschild family and banking require considerable research and digging.  

Soros is so easy to follow because his money and groups have been involved in overthrowing 90% of all governments in the last 30 years.  George Soros, his money, and foundation is the branch of the New World Order that culturally changes and revolutionizes societies which lead to governments being overthrown by the Deep State.  

how do soros' revolutions work?

Step 1 - Organize

Step 3 - Control The Media

Step 2 - Fund Dissidents


Revolutions are highly organized years in advance.  George Soros and his Open Society Foundations work to create and sponsor smaller organizations within the country they seek to revolutionize.

Step 2 - Fund Dissidents

Step 3 - Control The Media

Step 2 - Fund Dissidents


Undertaking a revolution costs big money.  Open Society Foundations has spent billions of dollars around the globe, and the end result is that people on the streets who enact the revolution get their equipment paid for - or get money in their pockets.

Step 3 - Control The Media

Step 3 - Control The Media

Step 4 - Divide The Citizens


The Media works in two ways.  It firstly controls the narrative of the revolution.  Secondly, the political side that is deemed the threat is cast as the enemy in the media, and labelled as radicals.

Step 4 - Divide The Citizens

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution

Step 4 - Divide The Citizens


Revolutions get ugly.  Destroying a nation from within - and changing its history and culture takes a lot of manpower.  It takes people on the street rallying - to enact this changing of culture and opinion.  Things often get messy.  Citizens, often radicalized by the media in the country, are pitted against each other in hatred.

Step 5 - The Coup Happens

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution


Citizens or military personnel march on their government and overthrow it, or a war or skirmish happens.  New controlled leadership is usually forcefully installed after.

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution

Step 6 - The Result of the Revolution


The result of the revolution is that the county's leadership changes, forever.  With the previous government being overthrown, the revolution is now complete, and the nation becomes part of the planned New World Order outlook.  This means eventual entry into the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union, and NATO membership.

A historic guide to soros' revolutions.


Ukraine, 2014

George Soros and his organizations descended on Ukraine in advance and stirred up revolution using a corruption probe.  A series of violent events and protests ended up in the removal of Victor Yanukovych, who had sided with Russia.  The Deep State installed a New World Order Puppet, Petro Poroshenko.  The end result was that Russia annexed Crimea after the coup was successful, and that Ukraine was promised entry into the EU and NATO.  Soros had been involved in previous revolutions in the country, including the 2004 Orange Revolution.


Georgia, 2003 - 2008

This revolution was brought about by widespread protests which resulted in the removal of Soviet-backed leader Eduard Shevardnadze.   This was famously called the Rose Revolution.   Open Society Foundation supported Mikheil Saakashvili at the time.  USAID, which received funding from Open Society Foundations, spent 1.5 million dollars trying to institute a voting system in Georgia.  Soros additionally paid for student activists in this revolution to go to Serbia to train in advance, from dissidents that had ousted Slobodan Milosevic in 2000.  The result was a bloodless revolution, but resulted in the Georgia War.  This was when Russia invaded and annexed part of the territory in response to Georgia being promised NATO membership.  Georgia is also looking to join the European Union.


Yugoslavia, 2000

 George Soros quietly played a key role in the dramatic overthrow of President Slobodan Milosevic. His Soros Foundations Network helped finance several pro-democracy groups, including the student organization Otpor, which spearheaded grass-roots resistance to the authoritarian Yugoslav leader.   The leader was accused of war crimes, and gave up his post, after NATO bombed the country without UN authorization because China and Russia had vetoed their request.  After the breakdown of the country and division into different states, these areas are being considered for EU membership.


Poland, 1989

  George Soros had his hand in funding the Solidarity movement in Poland.  This social movement was almost destroyed by the hands of the Communist government which imposed Martial Law in Poland.  However, the government was forced to negotiate and round table talks led to semi-free elections in 1989.  By the end of August, a Solidarity coalition government was formed.  In addition to Soros and his money financing this movement, it received support from both the CIA and the Vatican.


Hungary, 1989

In 1989 The Communist rule in the Hungarian People's Republic came to an end.  The events were part of the Revolutions of 1989, known in Hungarian as the Rendszervaltas, which means "Regime Change".  George Soros directly had his hand in funding dissidents and sponsoring this revolution.


Czechoslovakia, 1989

The Velvet Revolution of once Czechoslovakia  was a non-violent transition of power which occurred between November 17 to 29 December 29, 1989. Popular demonstrations against the one-party government of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia included students and older dissidents.  The result was the end of 41 years of the one-party rule in Czechoslovakia, and the subsequent of the command economy and conversion to a parliamentary republic.  George Soros helped fund this Velvet Revolution.

history of nato expansion vs russian contraction.


Other Revolutions.


The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring was a complicated series of government overthrows involving the CIA, Military, and other institutions across the Middle East.  George Soros and his Open Society Foundations helped contribute major funding to the Arab Spring Revolutions.  Other agencies involved received money indirectly from his organizations.  These agencies included USAID, CANVAS, and Freedom House.



ISIS was designed to be a revolutionary force in the middle east, which was funded by Saudi Arabia, America, and its allies.  The goal was the eventual creation of a unified Caliphate in the Middle East.  Soros used politicians in power in America, as well as the media system -  to sell the lie of ISIS.  Secondly, Soros created a refugee crisis out of the event, which was designed as an operation to destroy national borders worldwide.  Soros himself donated half a billion dollars to the cause.  ISIS was de-funded after Donald J. Trump took office, and Soros infamously decried that Trump "Was doing the work of ISIS."

How is the agenda enacted, and sold?

1. The Deep State

 The deep state uses Soros and his groups to overthrow governments around the world.  Some have estimated that 90% of all revolutions the past thirty years have involved Soros and his groups.  Historically, since World War 2, the deep state has used his organizations to overturn governments controlled by the USSR.  They did so in Poland and the Czech Republic, and Soros writes about this himself, even writing articles for CNN on the subject.  Just google "CNN in Revolutionary Times Soros."   After the revolutions happen, the countries became part of the European Union, and are UN states, ready for global governance.  The historical result of Soros' work was the USSR's controlled territory shrank and her borders were diminished.  In recent years, Soros groups promoted revolution in Ukraine in 2014 to help overthrow previous leader Viktor Yanukovych, who decided to side with Russia rather than the European Union.  An EU backed puppet, Petro Poroshenko, was installed after the coup.  Ukraine is set to become an EU state, and part of NATO.  The deep state allows Soros groups to go into a country, where they set up for social revolution, and this happens sometimes months or even years before the coup attempts happen.  Soros and his groups have also operated in Africa and the Middle East, including Syria and the Arab Spring.  These Soros groups operate in your very own country, and you guessed it, they are planning to bring about revolution in the very place that you live.    This revolution is for global governance and attempted control of all humanity in a singularity.


2. The Media

While Soros groups are promoting revolution all over the world, the agenda is sold to population via the media.  A perfect example would be Syria.  The general population was sold the idea that the US and its allies were attempting to take out ISIS.  They were also sold the idea that the Syrian Rebels in the area were trying to take out Assad in a civil war, and that the US was funding them in their quest for revolution and freedom.  The reality of the situation was that the US and its allies, especially Saudi Arabia, were funding ISIS directly and indirectly and there was no such thing as a moderate rebel.  This plan was to remove Assad from power because Syria was allies with Russia and Iran, and proposed pipelines that the two depend on for economic survival go through this region.  To disguise this agenda from the public, George Soros funded USAID through his Open Society Foundation, and this group then funded the White Helmets on the ground in Syria.  The White Helmets group performed faked rescues that the media recorded and then broadcasted to the population around the world, selling the idea that we were doing good in Syria.  The reality of the situation was the Russia was actually trying to take out ISIS to protect its interests, and the situation was leading to a massive potential global showdown with two of the largest nuclear superpowers.  All while the general population was kept asleep at the wheel because of the media.  Donald Trump signed an executive order stopping the funding of Syrian Rebels, and then went to Saudia Arabia and told them to stop funding terrorists.  The result?  ISIS vanished from the Middle East just a couple of months later.  The media is designed to sell you an agenda.  They highlight racism and imperfections in your society, because Soros and his groups use this highlighting to promote an agenda and cause an eventual revolution in your country.  Another perfect example would be the migrant caravans at the border, which Soros indirectly funds.  And finally, another example would be the Colin Kaepernick situation.  Amnesty International gave him an award, and they are funded by Soros.  The kneeling at the flag - is to sell you an agenda, much like the migrant caravans.  This is why all Presidents are put in place by the Deep State and Corporate Media - so that a global agenda continues.  Now you can see why Donald J. Trump was never supposed to be there - and you can see how the entire media and political system is being weaponized against him and his supporters.




1. Russia

Since World War 2 and the defeat of Nazi Germany, Russia has never played ball with the America and its global goals.  The Cold War, and thus the Iron Curtain, was a standoff between the two sides.  With both sides controlling 90 percent of all nuclear missiles, this conflict threatened all life on earth.  The deep state has surrounded Russia with NATO and entrenched its borders.  George Soros and his groups have tried infiltrating Russia, but Russia has denounced them, saying they are undesirable organizations and pose a threat to national security.   Alexei Navalny, who works for Soros, tried to run against Putin in the last election, but was arrested before doing so.  The goal is to submit Russia, or gain her compliance, and get her to work as an integral part of the European Union.  Once that happens, Russia and its vast military and nuclear missiles can be incorporated into the European Union's central Army, turning her into a un-elected Superpower.


2. China

China's economy, growth, and  her emergence as a future superpower has been nothing short of spectacular.  Why is this?  China wants nothing to do with George Soros, or his organizations.  To try to assimilate China into the New World Order, those elected into political power in our nations are working with Soros to bribe her.   Since China has became part of the WTO in 2001, her growth and economic power have exploded.  Trade policies set up have de-industrialized Western Nations, sending hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas at the benefit of China.  Soros' climate change policies, like the Paris Climate accord, set strict limits on emissions, while China gets a completely free pass.  GDP historical data for China the last twenty years has seen many years with double digit increases, while a poor year historically would be a growth rate of 6 to 7 percent.  On top of this, our Western Nations have become completely indebted to China, borrowing billions of dollars from her.  China is the main fiscal backer of George Soros' unelected government, the European Union, and her largest trading partner.  Chinese spy technology, on their infamous Huawei phones, is being allowed to spread across the globe.  China is simply being offered the opportunity to both own and run the world.  Finally, China has given more money to UN-backed organizations such as the World Health Organization since its inception into the WTO in 2001.  China has built ports and roads in every poor country with sea access in Africa.  They own ports in the European Union.  China is testing international waters by building islands in the South China Sea.  They own large corporations in every country on earth.


3. The United States of America

 This global deep state agenda cares nothing for America or her own citizens.  It cares only about global control.  In fact, this agenda has complete disregard and has turned against their very own people.  Why?  The three global entities of Russia, China, and America cannot work together.  George Soros seeks to change America so that all three can.  The only success that is mandatory is the survival of George Soros' un-elected European Union - which is slowly spreading across humanity.  In America, Soros groups work to promote revolution by highlighting any apparent racism or imperfection in society, in an attempt to  forcefully unite all humanity in singularity.   The mainstream media, who works for Soros and this global goal, sells the agenda to the population.  The mainstream media works to destroy the idea of love for America.   The deep state sells a refugee crisis to the population that was created through war, in an attempt to get America to open its borders, destroying its sovereignty.  Soros and his cronies work to destroy patriotism, the love of the flag, and highlight just how horrible America has been over the years.  The FBI works to allow school shootings to happen, in an attempt to disarm all citizens, before this revolution happens.  The FBI and CIA try to overturn a Presidential Election, where a populist leader who loves America was elected, because he is doing damage to their global plan.   The goal of George Soros and his revolution in America is to turn her into a weakened socialist state, bankrupt and broke, that would hate itself, its ideals, and be willing to give up its military to the European Union, and be submissive to global governance.

The Creation of Global Governance and The Submission of All Other Nations

Once the European Union becomes a superpower in possession of Russia and America's military, with China working with them, no other nation on earth really matters.  America, China, and Russia will all be in on it.  Global governance can form, and a world leader can be chosen, who forcefully unites all other nations and the rest of humanity in a singularity.  Soros controlled politicians, groups, and organizations are already working in your country, along with the controlled media, to sell this global agenda to you because why?  Because the next coup is coming soon.  Something big is going to happen.




Planetary surveillance.

If you were a totalitarian dictator, why wouldn't you have complete planetary surveillance of every man, woman, and child - to go along with your unelected government?  Not only will this unelected bureaucracy be unable to be removed once it's in power, they will have complete control and knowledge of what every single person on the planet watches, reads,  discusses - and purchases with their money.  The leaking of Project "AI Manhattan" by a whistleblower at Google shed light into the development of Artificial Intelligence Systems that are being designed for an evil purpose.  That goal is to be able to have complete planetary surveillance of every person and thing on this globe.  In addition, Facebook operates and runs under DARPA, and was designed as a defense research project.


The Corporate World and The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group meets annually, and this is where world corporate agenda is discussed, trade policies are designed, and financial plans are made.    It was established in 1954 to prevent war, but the main talk behind the curtains has always been about one world governance.  Participants of this secret meeting have included George Soros himself, as well as members of the Rothschild family.  Often if they are not in attendance, their representatives are instead - because these two groups often dictate agenda.  Other participants included in these secret meetings include political leaders, military and intelligence officials, and often experts from the media, finance and industry.   The resulting talks at these meetings often lead to agenda being passed and enacted throughout the multi-national corporate world.

 There has been a New World Order plan for hundreds of years.  The depths of this global group are massive and their influence and control are far reaching.  It's a frightening situation once you are aware of it and how it operates.  You can literally see how they control the globe's agenda.  The truth is simple.  The media is  a controlled narrative, the Pope is controlled and working for these people - and your politicians are controlled as well.  It's up to humanity to awaken so that it can be saved.   It is imperative because time is running out!