what is trump? Trump is "Q+."


the elected face of the largest military intelligence plot.

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Once you understand the New World Order and its agenda - you understand Donald J. Trump's Presidency, his actions, and Qanon.  His Presidency represents a faction of Military Intelligence that has seized control of the Executive Branch of Government from a long lineage of chosen New World Order Puppets.  Trump is a face of an operation to save America from Soros' and the New World Order's planned revolution of America, and her planned fall from grace.  This designed fall from grace was going to be done in order to create Global Governance over all humanity.  Trump's Presidency has been planned for years, and every move is being completed with the utmost prudence and secrecy.  The real agenda is not being told to you, the people, by Trump - or the media.  Many of those involved in the operation are lying and deceiving out of purpose, which is to disguise the real agenda from the enemy.   It's also meant to slowly re-educate the population for an eventuality - and to ensure that social chaos does not erupt when we arrive there.   To summarize, Trump is an organized military operation run by a group of people inside the various intelligence agencies.  They organized a full-on rebellion against the previous administration, and the direction they planned to take America, and the world.  To counter, Obama and his administration got the enemy, Russia, to help them stop it.  Trump's military coup is known as "Q."  Q is this military intelligence program being detailed through intelligence leaks online, through a user known as "Qanon."  This is a double-sided story.  First, there is the story of the Patriots and Trump trying to save America and your nation.  Then there is the evil flip side - those aligned with the New World Order that will do anything possible to stop this from happening.



Dwight D. Eisenhower Warns the World of the Rise of "Unwarranted Influence" and the "Military Industrial Complex"

 January 17th, 1961, was the date Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the rise of unwarranted power and influence inside the American government.  World War 2 had left America so powerful - that he warned that there essentially existed the possibility of a deep state arising.  Just a couple of years later, this deep state would rear its ugly head and manifest itself for many to see.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy is Assassinated

On November 22nd, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  The Deep State killed a President they saw as an imminent threat to their world global plans.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy did not trust his advisers.  He felt there was a deep state behind the scenes and vowed to expose it.  Back then independent journalists and cellphones did not exist, and the deep state was able to get away with the murder in plain daylight.  George H.W. Bush is a CIA analyst at the time of the assassination, and would later rise to become President of the United States.  John F. Kennedy is buried in Arlington Cemetery, and his grave site is crafted in a letter "Q".  It's a signal for his future vengeance.  


Donald J. Trump - A Man of Connections and Political Ambition

 Donald Trump, a playboy and entrepreneur,  has always been a man of political and business connections.  He knew the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. well, and Trump himself has always wanted to run for President.  He knew that powerful people killed JFK, and had the inside scoop to how the world really worked.  His vast connections led him to an understanding of the secret lives of the elite.  A man awake to a secret global agenda, he often talks about how 9/11 was suspicious, and that Barack Obama was never truly an American citizen.  He hates both political sides - the Bushes , Clinton, and Obama.  He flips from being a Democrat to a Republican when these parties are in power, respectively. 


An Elite Group of Satanists Who Pull the World's Strings Know Trump is Inbound

It's incredibly scary to believe, but it's turning out to be true it seems - that the world is run by an elite group of people who are known Satanists.  These "Moloch" worshippers, or the Illuminati, attend Jeffrey Epstein's Island, where they gather to do their rituals.  Young women and children are procured around the globe to visit Epstein's Island to satisfy the pedophile elite.  Some do not return.  Interestingly enough, the group of Satanists all know that Trump is incoming - as Matt Groening (who frequently visited Epstein's Island) predicted Trump's Presidency around the year 2000.  The Illuminati, who were once burned at the stake by the Catholic Church, may have now infiltrated the church for well over one hundred years - and risen straight to its leadership.  This secret occult group has also taken over high profile banking, political and leadership positions around the world as they try to bring in their global agenda.  One world government and one world religion. 


Donald Trump is Roasted by Obama (Who Knew) at a White House Dinner in 2011

Trump attends a 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner, well, because he has connections.  At this infamous dinner, Barack Obama roasts Trump, making fun of his birth certificate conspiracy, and a plethora of other things.  Many see this as the moment that a fire was lit under Donald Trump - to actually run for office and win.


Michael Flynn is Hired by Obama as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Michael Flynn is hired by Barack Obama on July 24th, 2012.  The hiring would be the beginning of the end of the New World Order, as Flynn and Obama butted heads.  As Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn has access to every single secret of the United States Military, and has direct knowledge of all their assets overseas.  Most importantly, he has full understanding of the global agenda of the globalists.  Obama hiring Flynn would be Obama's most costly mistake.  Many stated that Flynn knew "Where the bodies were hid."


Michael Flynn Fired by Barack Obama on August 7th, 2014

Michael Flynn dissents from Barack Obama's administration and is fired from office.  Flynn states to the public that the reason for the dissent was a direct conflict over intelligence reports relating to ISIS that Flynn thought were purposely being modified.  Flynn's firing internally rocks Washington DC.  The three-star general has always been considered an honest, good guy - and a patriot.  His firing internally motivates people in high level positions in the government who had long been dissatisfied with the direction The New World Order was taking America, and the planet.  Obama's team gets to work instantly on setting up Michael Flynn as a "Russian Asset."  Obama would later warn Trump not to hire Flynn, because Obama wanted Trump to become controlled by the Deep State.


Barack Obama's CIA puts Flynn Under Surveillance by Joseph Mifsud, a double agent, and the same Agent who Later sets up Papadopoulos

Court documents released by Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn's attorney, detail that Joseph Mifsud was tasked with the surveillance of her client.  Further details released indicate that Mifsud is a product of UK intelligence, (possibly Mi6), as the phones he was using had serial numbers that could be traced back to the United Kingdom.  This surveillance started in 2014 - which meant Flynn was being watched either when he was still in office, or just after he was fired.  Alexander Vindman, who is famous for Trump's Ukraine Impeachment inquiry, sets up Flynn.  He organizes a 2015 dinner for various heads of government and guests, and he makes sure Flynn is seated beside Putin.  Joseph Mifsud could turn out to be a double agent, meaning he was working directly with both Mi6 and Russian KGB.


James Comey approaches Rodolph Giuliani in Secret

 James Comey and Rudolph Giuliani are actually acquaintances.  They used to both work as prosecutors and were infamous in taking down the Gambino Crime family in the 1980s.  Comey actually used to be an assistant under Giuliani.  Comey approaches Giuliani with a nudge nudge.  They sit down, and Comey details what is happening in Obama's government, his detest over Flynn's firing, and that Trump was needed to run for office in the next election or America in its current capacity was finished. 


Giuliani Approaches Trump, Comey Organizes Meeting

 Giuliani and Trump have been close friends for years.  Giuliani tells Trump that  he was approached by the government, and sets up a meeting.  At this meeting, Trump is approached by a faction of Military Intelligence and the FBI.   Trump is briefed on the New World Order, its goals - and how it controls the media.   He is asked to run, because those in government power were guiding America and its allies into a war with Russia.  They were ready and preparing its citizens for this conflict and training them for this event - where the balance of power was going to shift in the world.  America was going to be submitted by its enemies and this would bring rise to global governance.  I speculate the meeting consisted of a few high level intelligence officials and journalists.  Q has stated that less than 10 knew the full picture, and 3 were civilians.  I speculate as many as 30 knew part of the picture.


The Military Coup is Organized and Planned in Advance - It is The Calm Before The Storm

To plan an operation of this magnitude takes years of planning in advance.   If successful, the end result is that The New World Order would lose control of America forever, and its media system would be completely destroyed.  The concept of Q is hatched, which is an online intelligence drop and re-education tool - based off of JFK's gravesite.   As Trump so famously said, "These people would stop at nothing." The interesting connection here is this - Barr, Durham, Comey and Guiliani were all involved in taking down the "Gambino" and other crime families in the late 1980s to early 1990s.  Even Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller were involved in the take down of these crime families in this time period.  This is not a co-incidence.  This has all been planned.


Trump is Also Briefed on Soros' Planned Revolution

Trump is briefed on Soros' Revolution of America that was being enacted by President Obama, and was to continue with Clinton.  Soros and his organizations were training America, and its allies and citizens, to the hatred of their own nation.  Their goal was to reduce patriotism and highlight every fault until its citizens were willing to give up their military and be submissive of global governance.  Thus you can understand why Trump strategically is undoing everything Soros and Obama had planned.


Trump Announces His Presidency

 Trump formally announced his candidacy on June 16th, 2015, with a campaign rally and speech at Trump Tower in New York City. In his speech, Trump drew attention to domestic issues such as illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt, and Islamic terrorism.   It was go time.


James Comey designates Daniel Richmann "SGE" Status

James Comey's friend, Daniel Richmann, was set up with special "SGE" Status or "Special Government Employee" as soon as Trump announces his intention to run.  This status allowed Daniel Richmann to have and possess classified material.  He was listed as an unpaid employee of the FBI.   Daniel Richmann is famously known for leaking Comey Memos to the news, which created the basis for a Special Counsel to be appointed.


The Deep State Identifies Trump as a Military Coup

As soon as Donald Trump started to run for office, the Obama administration recognized him as having help from high-level military intelligence.  They are unsure at this point in time who is feeding him this information, but Michael Flynn is instantly labelled suspect as he later campaigns with Trump.  Trump was revealing secret information to the general public, about how Obama and Clinton had "created ISIS", as just one of a few examples.


Trump Runs for Office, Destroying The Republican Party

The Republican field is extremely weak, and Donald Trump has no trouble campaigning against the candidates.  He easily wins, and disposes of Jeb Bush, the controlled Republican New World Order candidate.  As soon as Jeb Bush announced he would be withdrawing his candidacy, it was all systems go for the Deep State to stop Trump from achieving the Presidency.


FISA Court Approached for Surveillance, Rejection Issued

The first step to stop Trump was to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on his campaign.  On the first attempt at the FISA Court, Obama's administration is denied.   There are steep rules to unmasking and monitoring American citizens.  To get around this, they get a foreign ally, MI6, to spy on his campaign temporarily as a work-around.  The reason for this was that MI6 is not under the same classification for spying on Americans.


Obama approaches Putin to help Stop Military coup

A phone call, or phone calls on a private, secure line had to have been made between Putin and Obama between 2014 and 2016.  Flynn was under surveillance by possible double agent Joseph Mifsud in 2014 according to Flynn court documents.   Obama's administration at this point was fully aware that Trump was the face of a faction of their own military intelligence, and this was an internal rebellion.   They assumed Flynn was the source.  John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), had already apparently made a secret visit to Moscow in March 2016, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov.  This trip, I speculate, was to prepare for the election and to ensure that Hillary Clinton would get in.  “It’s no secret that Brennan was here,” Syromolotov was quoted as saying.  “But he didn't visit the Foreign Ministry. I know for sure that he met with the Federal Security Service (the successor agency to the Soviet KGB), and someone else.”


Christopher Steele, Putin Contacts Work on Dossier

Hillary's Campaign, the DNC, an Fusion-GPS are all involved in creating the infamous Russian Pee-Pee Dossier.  In this Dossier Trump is accused of visiting Moscow, having Russian contacts, and sleeping in a bed Obama slept in.  In addition, Russian hookers were hired and were peeing on Trump.  Steele later tells State Department interviewers Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov, two close ties to Putin, are his sources.  He also comments on Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB agent who was found dead in the back of his car.  Steele said of Erovinkin - he wasn't a source, but "sometimes people just die." It is key to note here, that any FISA requests of the campaign were done because of the deep state falsifying the information of their own accord.


The Deep State Sets Up Trump's Campaign, March 2016

  In March 2016, shortly after Papadopoulos was named as a foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign, Mifsud met Papadopoulos in Rome.   In addition he met with Australian Alexander Downer.  Both turn out to be Western Intelligence Spies, that were put on him to set him up as a Russian Agent.  Mifsud allegedly introduced Papadopoulos to a Russian woman that he falsely claimed was Putin's niece.  At a meeting in April, Mifsud told Papadopoulos that he had learned that the Russian government had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.  Papadopoulos allegedly repeated the information to the Australian High Commissioner in London, Alexander Downer, who later reported him.


Southern District of New York Passes Hillary Emails to FBI

 On Sept. 28, 2016, Peter Strzok, an FBI Agent, wrote to FBI Agent Lisa Page, "Got called up to Andrew McCabe's office - hundreds of thousands of emails turned over by Weiner's attorney to SDNY , includes a ton of material from spouse Huma Abedin.  Sending team up tomorrow to review... this will never end." According to the Senate report, there are possibly classified emails related to Hillary Clinton in this package.  There are also emails that call into question Anthony Weiner's character.  The FBI does nothing with the emails, and sits on them for more than a month.  I speculate the FBI was going to bury the emails, as there is no logical explanation to come forward.  Hillary Clinton had to win.


Comey Outs the System, Publicly Reports Investigation

James Comey outed Obama's DOJ and came forward with the announcement that Hillary Clinton was under a new email investigation.  He pressured the DOJ to allow him to come forward with the information, saying that if it didn't, the information would probably be leaked.  Loretta Lynch later states that Comey is to clear Hillary Clinton of all charges.  Comey is forced into writing her exoneration letter before she was even officially investigated.

The FBI only had two weeks to go until the election.  Knowing the corruption in the Obama administration, they would have buried it and it would have never come out. 

Comey comes forward because there is no way the New World Order could win the White House in 2016.


Why? Infamous Tarmack Meeting "Influenced" Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey testified to investigators that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to downplay the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails by not calling it an investigation, but rather a matter.

"Probably the only other consideration that I guess I can talk about in an open setting is that at one point, the attorney general had directed me not to call it an investigation, but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me," he said when asked about the email investigation.  Comey stated that the infamous tarmac meeting in the Summer of 2016 made it clear to him that he had to come forward with the information of Hillary's new email investigation.


Trump Wins The Presidency

Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election, narrowly beating Hilary Clinton in some key battleground states.  Did James Comey coming foward ensure that Trump won?


Barack Obama Organizes Operation Crossfire Hurricane

The "Insurance Policy" was Operation Crossfire Hurricane - a coup on a sitting President.  This was the purposeful attempt to take down Trump at all costs.   It is based on a few things.  Firstly, it is based on Trump being set up before he was elected, with spies put in his campaign, and spying.  Secondly, they were building a false case they could use in a court of law.  The eventuality is that the FBI hoped that could either take out Trump, or handcuff a sitting President so much that he would have all his power taken away.  The heads of each division are weaponized against Trump, and the operation is led by Brennan and Clapper.  Finally, Operation Crossfire Hurricane is sold to the public as the legal grounds for monitoring Trump, but the earlier portion of the investigation dating back to Flynn in 2014 is kept a secret.


The Media is sold the "Russian Narrative"

To be successful in this agenda, the most imperative operation is convincing the general public of the truth.  The Russian Narrative is hatched and sold to the media immediately following Clinton's loss.  The Media then dives full into the rabbit hole, with no semblance of any investigative journalism.  


Admiral Mike Rogers Bails, Informs Trump of Everything

On November 17th, 2016, Admiral Mike Rogers bails on Obama and breaks protocol - attending Trump Tower for a meeting.  There he informs Trump that he and his entire campaign are being spied on.  There are only a handful of people who know about the FISA's on Trump's campaign - and Mike Rogers is one of them.   He later lies in testimony saying he did not know of any information that Trump was being wiretapped - because if this information was revealed, the enemy would know.  What is going on is a silent war, and deception is the key to winning the battle.  At this point Trump and his entire campaign know everything, which is key to understanding this entire plot.


Trump Moves Transition Team November 17th

Once he discovers the information that he is being spied on, Trump moves his campaign headquarters in the middle of the night from Trump Tower.  He knows of the FISA against his campaign, and the spying on each individual member.  This includes knowing that Flynn is being spied on.


Flynn Hired as National Security Advisor

 On November 18th Michael Flynn is Hired as National Security Advisor by President elect Donald J. Trump.  Flynn's importance to this entire situation is paramount.  He is purposely hired, and then put in this position for a greater agenda and purpose.


Flynn Holds Conversations with Kislyak - Late December

  It's not illegal for a National Security Advisor to have conversations with Russian contacts during the transition period.   Flynn holds a conversation about US sanctions on Russia with ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition period.  He holds this phone call knowing FULL WELL HE IS BEING WIRETAPPED.   On December 29th, Flynn speaks with Kislyak on the phone five times, on the day the Obama administration "retaliates" for Russian tampering in the 2016 election by expelling 35 Russian diplomats and announcing new sanctions against Russian intelligence services and agencies involved in hacking.  Obama purposely expels the diplomats to disguise that he is concerned about Russian meddling - when the entire time he is the one who organized the dossier and the coup.   Later FISA reports don't disclose how Flynn was under surveillance where he made this calls - Mar-a-Lago, Trump's resort in Florida.  There was undeclared surveillance or FISA abuse happening that was not shown in the IG Horowitz Report.


James Comey Goes to Trump Tower - January 6

 Barack Obama is still the sitting President of the United States at this point.  Comey goes to visit Trump at Trump Tower, and engages in conversation.  This is Comey's infamous Memo 1.  In it, he details how James Clapper wanted him to ask Trump some personal questions in private.  Also, Comey goes over the dossier that was fabricated against Trump, and the allegations.  He claims he is "nervous", and that he was "told to watch his words and what he said" by higher officials.  Later speculation showed they probably used this visit to gain further intelligence information on Michael Flynn.


Jeff Sessions Asked if he Would Recuse - January 10

There is most likely a FISA or surveillance on Jeff Sessions.  Interestingly enough, he was asked during his confirmation hearing on January 10th if he would Recuse himself from the Russian investigation.  The deep state is already positioning Sessions  where he has no choice but to recuse.  Their goal is to handcuff Trump's Attorney General.


The Selling of Flynn as Bait Commences - January 15

  Pence goes on TV and says Flynn and Kislyak “did not discuss anything having to do with the United States’ decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against Russia” - knowing full well that the enemy was spying on Flynn's phone, and this included his phone call with the Russian Ambassador .  The enemy is looking for any incongruence, and takes the bait.  The trap is set. 


President Trump Inaugurated - January 21st

This is a key moment in time, because any action against Trump or his Presidency is considered an actual attempt to take him down.  Any devious actions beyond this point would be considered treason against The United States of America.


FBI Pounces on Michael Flynn Trap - Late January

 Flynn is the sacrificial lamb, tricking the FBI to go after him.  Interestingly enough, Peter Strzok is one of the agents that interviews Flynn and later charges him with misleading the FBI.  As we know with the text messages that were released, Strzok, Page, and McCabe are all in on Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  The enemy has no idea that Flynn is a trap at this point.  Flynn misleads the FBI on purpose.  Notice that Flynn did not lie under oath.  He simply lied to Peter Strzok, who he knew was part of the operation to take down Trump.  As previously stated, Flynn knows that he was being spied on, and that FISA warrants were granted by the fake pee pee dossier that the CIA had fabricated.


Sally Yates Warns The White House - January 26

The acting attorney general, Sally Yates, warns the White House about Flynn and his conversations with Russian operatives.  This move was done to disguise the plot against the President.  Remember however, that President Trump knows all at this point.  Plans are enacted to remove Yates and install Trump's Deputy Attorney General.


Trump Meets Comey for dinner - January 28th

 Comey Meets Trump for dinner at the White House.  At this point it is imperative to know that Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States, and that any action against him is sedition.  Comey writes Memo number 2 - and gives it to his personal lawyer because this memo is key.  Comey states to Trump that he would give him "honest loyalty" and do whatever Trump wished of him, and that Trump could fire him if he felt it was necessary.  Comey was always loyal to Trump, and was fired for a purpose- to hide the trap which is being set up.


Rod Rosenstein is Appointed - February 1st

 Rod Rosenstein is appointed as Deputy Attorny General, which is a super key point. The enemy has Jeff Sessions cornered via surveillance and is already positioning him to recuse himself from Russian Investigations. Rosenstein is the ultimate plot. He is appointed because he is Deep State - having ties to the Uranium One investigation. However, the enemy has no clue that Rosenstein is loyal to Trump. The enemy sees him as one of their own, and McCabe later even goes to Rosenstein to get him to wear a wire spying on Trump.



Andrew McCabe ranted in front of a room full of FBI people his displeasure in early February.  His famous "First we fuck Flynn, then we fuck Trump" will be forever remembered in history.  The trap is going to work.


Michael Flynn is Fired - February 13th

 Then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is asked to resign after it becomes public that there were discrepancies in his account of his interactions with Russian officials during the transition.  Remember, these accounts were done on purpose.  He had previously told Vice President Mike Pence that he had not discussed sanctions with Ambassador Kislyak during their calls after the election - and Pence went on to say as much during televised interviews.  Flynn is the ultimate patriot - and goes down willingly, pleading guilty to a crime that he didn't have to, and losing much of his life savings. 


Comey Instigates "The Trap", Memo 3 - February 8th

Comey meets President Trump on February 8th, and writes Memo 3.  February 8th, 2017.  The trap is set. Mike Flynn is the bait.  In this Memo, Comey details how Trump wished "Comey would let Flynn go, as he is a nice guy."  The FBI is ready to bounce on any incongruence, and did so when Flynn gave them one.  Now they are desperate to tie Trump to the same incongruence.  Why?  They had set up his campaign with Russian spies.  All they had to do was sell to the public that Trump was in on the lie and get their head of Special Counsel.

Comey tells his friend to leak the information on Flynn because the enemy would see it as an opportunity to take out Trump.  Comey later states in testimony that "he hoped this information will lead to a special counsel."  The special counsel is the trap.  James Comey probably in secret recommended his best friend, Robert Mueller be lead of this operation.


Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself - March 2nd

With Jeff Sessions recusing himself, Deep State Rosenstein is in the drivers seat of the DOJ.  The enemy is salivating, having no idea that Mueller, Comey, and Rosenstein all have ties,  and that the Special Counsel will be a trap.  As President Trump called it, "A Witch Hunt"


Trump "Just Finds Out" About Wiretapping

On March 4th, 2017, President Trump makes it public via tweet that "He just found out" that his wires were tapped.  He's already known for more than 6 months.  The enemy has no clue.


Mueller Meets Trump for FBI Job He Can't Have

Mueller meets with President Trump on May 16th for a FBI job he is not eligible to lead.  FBI Directors are limited to a single 10 year term by law, and Mueller was extended by emergency basis.  He is no longer allowed to work his previous job.  Instead he meets with Trump and the crew, and they plot the Special Counsel.  The Special Counsel is an op.  Trump knows there is no Russian interference.  He's being set up.  First job of the SC is to take the information, and ensure that Trump is cleared without anyone being the wiser.  The second part, was to invite the enemy into the Special Counsel, and for them to show their criminal intent to use the counsel to overthrow a sitting President from Office.


Mueller appointed SC by Rod Rosenstein

 On May 17th, Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.   The enemy has no idea that Comey, Meuller, and Rosenstein are loyal to Trump, and an operation.  The enemy can not recognize the truth, and see who is loyal and who is not.  They think with Sessions recused, and Rosenstein in the drivers seat that they have President Trump.  Robert Mueller appoints the most evil team of lawyers under him, and makes his investigation out to be the most corrupt.  They even go after Flynn and some of Trump's associates.  All in disguse.  The enemy has no clue.  Remember, no Comey leak, no Special Counsel.


The Enemy Is Invited Into The Special Counsel

Trump's NSA is monitoring all their text messages, while they are purposely invited into the Special Counsel.  Trump and his DOJ already have the criminal intent to take down a sitting President.  Nothing will stop what will happen.  Their case against Flynn later falls apart because of their bias.  Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are later fired.   Rosenstein signs the final FISA Renewal – sometime around June 29, 2017.  Again, the coup plotters have shown their intent to use the special counsel as a coup at this point.  They have no idea that they are sealing their own fate.  Remember all these FISA renewals are based on a dossier that was faked by the intelligence community.  The enemy has no clue that Rod Rosenstein is the main cog in President Trump's defense.


Robert Mueller clears Donald Trump

 Mueller's final report clears Donald Trump of collusion with Russian government officials.  Trump survives against a rogue, weaponized FBI that wanted to remove him from office and fabricate a case against him.     


Trump States that "He Caught The Swamp"

With the democrats announcing that they are going to impeach Trump over crimes that they themselves have done, with much greater severity, Trump announces to reporters that he has "Caught the Swamp."  He certainly has.  It just has to all be rolled up now.  The establishment New World Order is finished and they don't even know it yet.