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Get started! A Must Listen - Introduction, Trump, populism

Episode 45 (10/25/19) - The Mifsud Connection

Episode 46 (10/25/19) - Russia Probe Criminal Investigation

Episode 47 (11/04/19) - Ukraine Update

Episode 48 (11/04/19) - Trudope and his Agenda

Episode 49 (11/04/19) - Be A Guest!

Episode 50 (11/04/19) - Qanon is Back!

Episode 51 (11/07/19) - Did Trump Hint He is Q?

Episode 52 (11/13/19) - Qanon Proof, Durham and Barr

Episode 53 (11/17/19) - Qanon on Planetary Surveillance

Episode 54 (11/18/19) - Qanon on North Korea

Episode 55 (11/20/19) - Epstein and Prince Andrew

Episode 56 (11/20/19) - Qanon posts on Ukraine, Comey

Episode 57 (11/27/19) - Qanon posts on the MSM, Corruption

Episode 58 (11/27/19) - I Got Mail