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They are not that of the podcast company, or anyone else.

Do not listen if you do not find my opinions suitable.

Listener discretion is advised.   

Not suitable for young children.

The podcast moves quickly.

I recommend listening when you are fully attentive.

I also recommend writing details down while you listen.

I bear no responsibility for red-pilling you and changing your life.

All old episodes are archived on YouTube, Apple Podcasts or Spotify.  

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Get started! A Must Listen - Introduction, Trump, populism

Episode 39 (10/09/19) - Epstein? Crickets

Episode 40 (10/11/19) - Q may be Done

Episode 41 (10/20/19) - Flynn vs Obama and Speculation

Episode 42 (10/20/19) - We Rip Trudeau A New One

Episode 43 (10/20/19) - Fake videos, fake people, fake news

Episode 44 (10/23/19) - Trudeau Won?

Episode 45 (10/25/19) - The Mifsud Connection

Episode 46 (10/25/19) - Russia Probe Criminal Investigation

Episode 47 (11/04/19) - Ukraine Update

Episode 48 (11/04/19) - Trudope and his Agenda

Episode 49 (11/04/19) - Be A Guest!

Episode 50 (11/04/19) - Qanon is Back!

Episode 51 (11/07/19) - Did Trump Hint He is Q?

a personal list of revealed GUESTS.

Brian "Agent" Wittaker


Agent Wittaker is a regular on The Awakener.  He is passionate about what is going on in politics around the globe and is not afraid to voice his opinion - even if he has no clue what he is talking about.  He loves to rant and frequently gets off topic.

Bob "The Guy"


Bob "The Guy" loves talking conspiracies and there isn't one that doesn't interest him.  I don't dive too much into conspiracy, but I decided to run dedicated episodes entitled "Conspiracies with Bob "The Guy""

The Rambling "Non - Idiot"


The Rambling "Non - Idiot" is a philosopher of sorts, and loves to dive into religion, cults, and things that are not of this world.  Once you get him started though, he never stops.  He just keeps going and going.  I just call him RNA, or Randy, for short.

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